Kerajaan dan Perjanjian dalam Perjanjian Baru

Investigate the New Testament's emphasis on the kingdom of God and the new covenant in Christ, and what they mean for us today.

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Instruktur: Multiple Instructors
Disiplin: New Testament
Grup Kelas: Introduction to the New Testament
Mengunduh: Materi-Materi Kelas

Have you ever wondered why the New Testament gives so much attention to the kingdom of God? Or how this central theme relates to the new covenant in Christ? This series explores these two fundamental features of the New Testament by examining where they originated and what they mean for us today.

Sasaran-Sasaran Seri ini:

  • Orient viewers to the overarching message of the New Testament.
  • Summarize the theological emphases of the New Testament.
  • Provide a strategy for applying the New Testament to modern life.