Kitab Samuel

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Instruktur: Multiple Instructors-SAM
Disiplin: Old Testament
Grup Kelas: Historical Books
Mengunduh: Materi-Materi Kelas

Sasaran-Sasaran Seri ini:

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      Kitab Samuel:Pengantar Kitab Samuel

      Introduces the book of Samuel, including why and under what circumstances the book was written and how it applies to Christians today.

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      Kitab Samuel:Samuel dan Saul

      Examines Samuel's role in Israel's prelude to kingship and Saul's failed kingship before the establishment of David as Israel's king.

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      Kitab Samuel:Raja Daud

      Follows David's kingship from his earlier years to his death and reveals the ongoing blessings offered to Israel through the righteous rule of David's house.

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